Host a scrumptious iftar dinner at your home this Ramadan

    Dubai offers a peculiar ambiance as the Holy month of Ramadan starts. The beautiful blend of Arabian nights and transnational varieties of cuisines makes the month of Ramadan extra special.

    People love the idea of eating out at buffets, we here put forth an idea for you to host an iftar party at your home in your comfort zone. At times it could get very tiring after a full day of observing fast to go to a restaurant. Stuck in between the idea of enjoying good food along with the good company, and having no will to get up and go out? Here we are, with a perfect idea for hosting the iftar at your place. With the help of the best catering service like Delhi catering, you can enjoy a Dubai roza iftar party at your home. And can make the best of your time with your friends and family at your home. Apart from that a lot of people also arrange a charity meal for ramadan to mainstream the downtrodden so that they wouldn't feel left out and enjoy the blessings of this holy month.

    What could be done to make your Ramadan more fun and memorable? Let's dig into this more to get some ideas.

    Decide a menu:

    The menu is the foremost thing that will play a very crucial role in making your gathering an awesome one. So be very cognizant about the choices of your guests. I would suggest a blend of transnational cuisines would do justice if you have a friends’ circle belonging from different countries.

    Don't go easy with the drinks menu:

    By sundown, a lack of water and hydration from the day's extreme heat will have to be addressed, thus refreshing drinks are an obvious and essential part of any iftar meal. go with the choice of your guests obviously and additionally put a lemonade and a detox water jug on your table, apart from its beneficial factors it will add a refreshing beauty to your table too.

    Select a suitable place:

    You can opt for indoor but if you are lucky enough to have a terrace or a lawn then it is best to arrange the iftar outdoors. evenings of the Arabian desert have an out-of-this-world feel. sounds dreamy already! doesn't it?

    Light it up:

    Use fancy lights, and lanterns and get the feel of true Arabian nights. burning some oodh wood will intensify the charm of your iftar evening.

    Floor sitting:

    If you are opting for indoor, you can make an extra effort to arrange a floor sitting using small tables. Arrange a rug and cushions to give your setting a regal look that will surely add to the comfort of your guests

    Your options for fun: Iftar dinners are lively affairs, so prepare a selection of activities for the evening. Card games, board games, and charades are all excellent choices for a fun night.

    Food has the power to bring people closer. it has the power to transcend geographical, ethnic, and linguistic boundaries and create a bond that is celebrated and cherished. To share a meal, that too, in the holy month of Ramadan with the people you care about strengthens relations among people and creates a sense of harmony among them.