Posted : 23-03-2023

    Why Is The Dubai Iftar Party So Special And Memorable?

    During Ramadan, you will find that Dubai is a different city. In the festive settings, you will find a charming atmosphere. The financial and business activities are limited as most people observe fast. In many offices


    Posted : 19-04-2022

    Host a scrumptious iftar dinner at your home this Ramadan

    Dubai offers a peculiar ambiance as the Holy month of Ramadan starts. The beautiful blend of Arabian nights and transnational varieties of cuisines makes the month of Ramadan extra special.


    Posted : 28-03-2022

    Delhi Catering Dubai Home Iftar Party

    Everyone wishes to serve their guests nourishing and refreshing dishes during the Dubai Roza iftar party at their home, but the limited cooking talents don't always allow for such extravagant meals. While looking for Iftar party in Dubai catering choices, we have intriguing gourmet offers worth discussing and spreading the word about.


    Posted : 25-03-2022

    Dubai iftar parties the celebratory atmosphere and spirit of sharing

    Dubai during Ramadan is unlike anything you've ever seen. There's a celebratory atmosphere in the air – most offices provide reduced working hours (even for non-Muslims who aren't fasting), many employees are gone during this time, and business slows down. However, the slower pace gives the city a certain charm.


    Posted : 09-03-2022

    Welcoming Ramadan 2022 in Dubai wholeheartedly

    It is that time of the year when Muslims around the globe get ready to enjoy a month full of blessings. Ramadan Kareem is about to commence soon and all the festivities related to the month are also about to begin. The month teaches us patience and self-control as well as presents a concept of reward for facing a tough time.


    Posted : 21-12-2021

    Make the function memorable through excellent arrangements

    When we participate in functions and events, then happiness is automatic in our life. Hence, almost everyone loves participating in parties, events and functions. The hosts of the parties are eager to make excellent arrangements so as to satisfy their guests in the best possible manner. You must have seen that rich food and dishes


    Posted : 12-10-2021

    How to Add More Fun, Glamor and Perfection to the Special Event?

    Parties are the celebrations in which we enjoy some quality time with our beloved friends and family members. It is a golden time to enjoy gala meals in an amazing atmosphere. There can be multiple reasons for which people throw parties. It can be a religious celebration, any corporate event, a small party in Sharjah, an anniversary,


    Posted : 25-09-2021

    The Ultimate guide for arranging your annual company dinner

    Corporate dinners are held across companies to celebrate achievements, milestones or merely to mingle with other colleagues in the field. Though event management in Ajman is not a difficult job due to the presence of a thriving market, the corporate dinners require a different approach to arrange a dinner


    Posted : 10-08-2021

    Key Considerations to Make your Events Memorable and Organized

    Wedding ceremonies are always special, but they have a very challenging aspect, and it is food. Most guests cherish the memories of delicious food and glittering arrangements. After hiring a competent event management service, you can make excellent arrangements for the event.


    Posted : 15-06-2021

    How to Identify and Hire the Best Catering Service?

    Are you planning any social ceremony or event? Generally, it appears that making arrangements for such events is filled with fun, but in reality, this is a time-consuming affair. Obviously, many guests are invited to attend such events. It is not easy for the hosts to make extensive preparations.


    Posted : 12-04-2021

    Make your Party Memorable by Hiring Best Event Management Service

    Making arrangements for a big event is a challenging task. Even the most organized people find difficulty in such herculean tasks. Hosting an event means many arrangements have to be made. First of all, a list of guests is to be prepared. The style of the event is dependent on the theme.


    Posted : 23-02-2021

    Hire Event Management Services to Add More Creativity and Enjoyment

    Parties and celebrations fill our mind and heart with extreme enjoyment. All of us just love to relish delicious foods. When the atmosphere is amazing, finger- licking dishes are present on dining tables, decorations are glittering.


    Posted : 25-08-2020

    Hire Best Event Management Service for Memorable Memories

    There is a presence of numerous catering and event management services in Dubai. Picking up the right service is very challenging. Everyone claims to be perfect. There are many factors that must be considered while choosing the perfect service.