The Ultimate guide for arranging your annual company dinner

    Corporate dinners are held across companies to celebrate achievements, milestones or merely to mingle with other colleagues in the field. Though event management in Ajman is not a difficult job due to the presence of a thriving market, the corporate dinners require a different approach to arrange a dinner well in line with the ultimate goals of the company. It is also an opportunity to advertise the company’s achievements and services within the market. Therefore, the planning requires to pay heed to every minor detail. It is best to hire the services of an event management company to avoid disasters on the big day. It is a lot bigger responsibility than arranging a Birthday party in ajman. Following are some of the basic guidelines for arranging a corporate dinner.

    Get the Budget fixed

    Before even thinking about the other details of the dinner, set a budget. It is an easier way to avoid setbacks later. A fixated budget helps you arrange your dinner accordingly without wasting time thinking about extra features that many never see in the light of the day. You can then divide your budget into parts such as the budget for food, venue, catering, décor, etc. You can prioritize your expenses where you want to spend or where you want to spend less.

    Make a Guest List

    It is important to know the number of attendees for the dinners to make arrangements accordingly. First of all, you need to know if the dinner is specifically arranged for the in-house staff or has other colleagues from the field as well. Inviting In-house staff is easier than the latter. Acquire the names of the invitees from the company and send the invitations well ahead of time so that you may know who has committed to join. It is a crucial step to make the necessary arrangements.

    Venue Selection

    This is another setup that involves rigorous planning. The selection of the venue for the corporate dinner is subject to the number of people attending the event and the flexibility in the budget. If the budget allows, you can select a lavish location however you have to keep the accessibility of the guest also in mind. It should not be far from the mainland so that every guest can show up easily. Moreover, the venue should be big enough to accommodate all invitees conveniently.


    The use of flowers and lighting can make the event come to life. You can also use standees and attractive banners to showcase the company’s achievements to peer groups.


    Food is the main component of the dinner. Make sure to have a diverse menu to satisfy the needs of all invitees. There are many continental, Indian, and Pakistani catering in ajman you can consult to have a diverse and delicious food.